10 Weekend Activities to Make Memories

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10 Weekend Activities to Make Memories
10 Weekend Activities to Make Memories
by Audrey Christie McLaughlin
Ever looked at your spouse or thought to yourself…”What am I going to do with these kids this weekend?” And then ponder through deal sites wondering where
you will save a buck or two and try and come out of the weekend without spending $500 on entertainment? (Maybe there is a block to clear there but I
If this is you, then I am about to deliver you the BEST news ever! It doesn’t have to be that way! Kids often have better memories of the times they spent engaging
in activities (even free ones and even ones without screens). Here are some fun ones to try:
1. Head to the park.
Run and play and swing with your kids, maybe even pack a picnic lunch. Explore and look for bugs and creatures, stop and point out the leaves and the breeze in the trees. Really be present (may mean you leave your phones in the car) and appreciate the beautiful day.
2. Get dirty.
That’s right, take your shoes off and get your toes in the mud or dirt or maybe even the grass. The point is to take time to have carefree fun and you get some nice earthing or grounding in during the process.
3. Go hiking.
This can be urban or out in nature. Appreciate the sites and sounds, talk and teach about what you see. Remember, you can learn from the kids, as well.
4. Shake it off.
Have a dance off in your home or outside if you can. For younger kids you can play freeze dance, where the music stops and everyone freezes. If you keep moving you are out. Alternatively, you can just dance your heart out for hours to come! Get silly and be carefree!
5. Outdoor games.
There is never a shortage of memories made when you play tag, or hide-and-seek, catch, kick-ball, you name it! Challenge your family members or your neighborhood to a friendly competition.
6. Cooking together.
Time spent passing down recipes and sharing conversation over yummy meals is golden.
7. Common hobbies.
Maybe you like to paint or check out garage sales or go to boat shows or volunteering together. Find something you both can enjoy and set out together.
8. Bedtime talk.
Many memories to be made just laying down together in the time before bed and chatting about the day’s or week’s events.
9. Camping.
Get in touch with nature and each other without spending a ton! You can make memories without everyday distractions.
10. Root for the same team.
Maybe you like golf, hockey, football, ice skating…find a common team to route for and bond over the experience of cheering them to victory!