3 Ways to Start Meditation Traditions

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3 Ways to Start Meditation Traditions
3 Ways to Start Meditation Traditions
by Audrey Christie McLaughlin
What kind of traditions do you have in your family? We all have them… some are good and some are not so good. Why not start a tradition around meditation? Here
are some fun ways to do so:
1. Around the Table.
Each meal you sit down to, when the food is on the table and everyone is seated, practice this simple breath. Breathe in: “I calm my body,” breathe out: “I smile.” You can adapt this as you see fit, another good one is, breathe in: “I ground myself” breathe out: “I’m full of gratitude.” This can be said silently or aloud as a group.
2. Gong it. 
Before leaving the house in the morning I let one of the kids chime the gong once and we all close our eyes and I instruct them, “As you hear the sound fading away from you, imagine it is carrying all of your stress and worries away.” It takes about 45 seconds for the sound to fade completely.
3. In the car. 
We often use meditations in the car, some for fun and some for the practicality of it. The Calm meditation (get yours free here) is great for fussiness and fits. On test days or before big sporting events, we like to use the Focus MindTime™ Meditation in the car on the way to the event to get prepped for the activity ahead. (you can grab that here).
There are all kinds of ways to start little meditation traditions in your house and family. Head over to Facebook and let us know your