Our mission here at KidCentered is to center the world…one kid at a time. We produce and feature high-quality, highly effective MindTime™ meditation audios for children of all ages (and, as it turns out, adults love our meditations, too!)

MindTime™ audios from KidCentered are more than just guided visualizations. Each audio contains encoded energy, designed to clear blocks and fears, and to break negative patterns of thought and action. MindTime™ audios are intended to open up the listener to greater connectedness and healing, to happiness and peace.

KidCentered was created by Amy Scott Grant, MBA — a bestselling author, intuitive spiritual healer, and mother of three. After spending several years teaching adults how to permanently clear their fears, doubts, blocks, and limiting beliefs, Amy naturally began to teach these same timeless concepts to her own children. This became the inspiration for Amy’s books and forthcoming children’s series. During this development period, Amy noticed the significant lack of enlightened teaching tools and resources for children — and Amy vowed to change all that. This is how KidCentered was born.

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” — the Dalai Lama

There is a wealth of data to support the benefits of meditation in individuals of all ages (click here to learn more), but MindTime™ audios offer much more than simple relaxation.

splork_headphonesWe don’t believe any kid needs “fixing.” We simply provide solutions for families who are struggling with specific issues, and we bring resources to families who are committed to self-growth and personal development.

Perhaps the best way to understand these methods is to simply try it for yourself, and allow your child to try it.

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to get the full-length MindTime™ audio called “Calm.” It’s our gift to you, absolutely free. We’re confident you’ll feel the same as the other satisfied parents and kids who’ve tried it. In fact, you’ll like it so much, you’ll soon be back to experience even more MindTime™, and all that KidCentered has to offer.


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