Ahhhh, “Deep Relaxation” at last…

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Why would a young child need the new “Deep Relaxation” MindTime™ from KidCentered.com?


Deep relaxation means dropping into a very calm and peaceful state. This is different from what is achieved in the “Calm” audio from KidCentered.com  The purpose of “Calm” is to help your child tap into the well of stillness inside of him/herself.

“Deep Relaxation” has a different purpose. It allows your child to access a deeper, more comprehensive sense of relaxation — similar to a hibernating bear or a deep meditative state.

But would would a small child need such deep relaxation? Here are a few possible reasons:

Extreme hyperactivity. Meditation — in the true sense of the word — has been proven to calm busy minds and bodies. Many of our MindTime™ audios may be best classified as “guided imagery” or “visualization practice” or “mind exercises.” But “Deep Relaxation” is different, because it creates a true meditative state, bringing a deeper sense of peace, stillness and centering.

Situational stressors. No matter the age, nearly every child will undergo one form of temporary stress or another during their developmental years. This may include starting at a new school, parents’ separation or divorce, blending two families, moving into a new home or a new city, getting into trouble at school, a new sitter or daycare, or even picking up on parental stress (loss of job, new job, mom returning to the workplace, financial stressors, etc.)

Relationships. Relationships are so important to children, and because of the high priority placed on close relationships, any disturbances in this area can be rather upsetting. For example: loss of a relative or grandparent, loss of a pet, friend/neighbor/family member moving away, new teacher, a disagreement with a friend, cliques/gossip/bullying, etc.

Special needs. Kids with special needs require additional support and nurturing, and the ability to relax and center is paramount to their well-being.

That’s not to say that any major stressor or issue needs to be present in order for your child to enjoy “Deep Relaxation.” Why not try it out and see how your kid likes it? After all, if you’re already a Lifetime Member, this MindTime™ is included in your membership.

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