Celebrating the Summer Solstice?

Posted on June 16, 2015 in Parenting Ideas | 0 comments

Celebrating the Summer Solstice?

Summer Solstice is coming up soon. How will you celebrate it with your kids? Do you normally celebrate this annual event, or are you more inclined to notice the date halfway through the day and think, “Oh, it’s officially the first day of summer.”

Metaphysically speaking, the first day of summer is a day to celebrate the light within. Festivals are held around the world to celebrate the radiant energy of the sun with flowers, music and dancing.

You might prefer to take a more scientific approach and talk with your kids about this day and how it’s the longest day of the year. It happens in June for Northern Hemisphere, but in December for Southern Hemisphere. This (June 21st this year) is when the tilt of the earth’s axis is most inclined toward the sun. That’s why the day is so long.

This year’s solstice also happens to fall on Father’s Day. Why not involve dad in the festivities (if you choose to have some sun fun).

What kinds of things could you do with the kids on this special day? Well, that all depends on how elaborate you’d like to get.

Anything related to the sun or nature is fun. My oldest daughter loves to craft little fairy houses out of twigs and leaves and pinecones and such. It keeps her occupied for hours at a time. You could create fairy houses, rock stacks, flower arrangements, daisy chains, whatever makes you smile.

Additionally, the Summer Solstice is an excellent time to begin a gratitude journal, a meditation practice, a vision board, an abundance log, and anything else that keeps your focus on all that you are receiving (as opposed to what you want, which has not yet arrived and remains in the dark for the moment). A great lesson for children to learn at an early age, yes?

Perhaps you want to honor this day with something even more low-key: Think sun today! Dress yourselves in orange, yellow, white, or other bright sunny colors. If Dad’s getting a tie for father’s day, how about a sunny design or something in a warm and bright color? Enjoy bright flavors for the Solstice (citrus fruits and bright acids in vinegars/dressings/marinades). Buy or plant some sunflowers. Enjoy the sun if you can get outside today. Celebrate this change in the season.

And remember to wear sunblock, of course 😉 It may sound contradictive, but skin cancer is no joke. Butter up those babies and grab a hat!