Check out the 5 newest MindTime audios…

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Check out the 5 newest MindTime audios…

Finally! Splork is so happy to tell you that the newest batch of MindTime audios has just been published! Huzzah!

If you’re already a Lifetime Member, you’ll see the new audios in your member center. Just log in to access now.

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Here are the new topics, along with a brief description of each (visit the shop to purchase individual MindTimes):

Sleep Here – Let the child listen to this audio wherever you’d like them to sleep. This MindTime can be used in two different ways: to help little ones sleep in their own bed, and alternatively, to help him or her to adapt when they need to sleep elsewhere (at Grandma’s, in a hotel, at a friend’s sleepover, etc.)

Deep Relaxation – This MindTime audio is designed to help your child experience deep relaxation. While suitable for use any time, this would be especially useful during (or prior to) periods of stress of change. For example, while a parent is traveling away from the family, before and just after moving into a new home, changing schools, etc.

Handwriting – Handwriting is a struggle for many children (and some adults!), and it takes time to form each letter and word neatly and legibly. This audio is designed to help your child improve the neatness of their handwriting, as well as gradually pick up speed. This is beneficial for children and adults who write in print, cursive, or both.

Retention – No matter how quickly or slowly your child can read, what really matters is how much he/she can retain from the reading. This audio is designed to enhance overall reading retention and reading comprehension.

Focus – It’s not only the kids with ADD and ADHD who have trouble concentrating, and with current advances in technology, there are more distractions afoot than ever. Many adults still suffer from difficulty in maintaining focus. The whole family can benefit from this MindTime audio, designed to improve the ability to concentrate, and to focus on one subject at a time – whichever one requires attention right now.