Cooking As A Meditation?

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Cooking As A Meditation?

Cooking As A Meditation
by Audrey Christie McLaughlin

Yes, I really mean cooking as a meditation; eating can be one too! Meditation is not always sitting perfectly still in lotus position chanting, in fact, that is only one type of meditation. There is no recipe for the “right way” to meditate.

So let’s take a closer look at preparing food or cooking as a meditation and what that might look like…because the result is a delicious and healthy meal that is nourishing for the body and mind.

In practice, preparing a meal as meditation can be as simple as practicing a mindful awareness while we are cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. You can start by setting the intention of working through your tasks in a relaxed and serene way while following your breathing.

When you are prepping the food and cooking, do so without rushing. As you are chopping vegetables, breathe awareness into your body. When you are boiling a pot of water to cook the vegetables, pay deep attention to the water that comes from the faucet, appreciating the cleanliness, fluidity and abundance of the water. When you click on the stove notice the electricity or the gas flame that allows you to boil the water or cook your food.

When you look at your vegetable, fruit, or grain, see the sun, rain, soil, work, sweat, and time it takes to take that seed and produce the food in front of you.

When you look at the meat that has made it to your plate, think of the sacrifices of the animal and the farmer to bring it to your table.

If there is more than one person working in the kitchen, maybe your kiddos…encourage the same mindfulness in them and encourage as little chatting as possible so they may fully focus on the tasks you have given them.

Cooking as a meditation is as simple as doing it with a mindful and loving energy and awareness in the kitchen.