Do Kids Need New Years’ Resolutions?

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Do Kids Need New Years’ Resolutions?

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions with your kids? Now is the time when we’re looking at the new year and thinking of what we’d like to create or accomplish. Why not include our children in this fun and exciting process?

Sure, we all know that resolutions usually don’t stick, but even young kids can understand the concept of a goal or intention, and this is a great time to incorporate these kinds of conversations. Here’s a simple way to do just that.

Step 1: Start dreaming.

We dream as a family — where we’d like to go on vacation, what kind of fun we want to have together, birthday celebrations, people we could help, all kinds of stuff. Even little kids can think about things they’d like to have, how good it feels to contribute and help others, places they’d like to see, achievements they’d like to reach, all sorts of stuff. Let them dream big!

Step 2: Get visual.

Use old magazines, sales flyers, and art supplies to get some visual images. If you want to take a family vacation to the beach this year, make a little vision board as a family and post it on the fridge or on the wall over the coat hooks — somewhere everyone sees it every day. Let the kids make their own vision boards, where they can add colors, words, and their own drawings and interpretations of how it will feel to do, have or be whatever they desire.

Step 3: Plan it.

What steps do you need to take to make your goal a reality? It’s so important to take this step with kids, because it teaches them the difference between daydreaming and really achieving their dreams in reality. This step also teaches critical thinking, planning, and exercises the mental processes required to carry out a dream. If our family is going to the beach, what kinds of things do we need to consider? Which beach? How will we get there? Will we travel by car, by plane or some other way? What kinds of things do we need to pack? Will it cost money to do this (always a good idea to get kids involved in good financial planning and budgeting…the concept of saving up for a big purchase). Plan out the action steps required to achieve the goal.

Step 4: Take action. 

Unfortunately, this is the step most people don’t actually do! Taking action as a family helps your kids see you follow through on what you say you will do, and helps them see it takes action or in some cases, hard work to achieve a goal. Undoubtedly, obstacles of one sort or another will arise, which provides even more teaching opportunities about the rewards of perseverance and problem solving.

Step 5: Celebrate.

Remember to celebrate your wins and your achievements as a family. YOU created these amazing results together, and with goal setting, intention and action, anything is possible!

Have fun!