Does Your Kid Know What’s True?

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Does Your Kid Know What’s True?

In this age of peer pressure and excessive visual and auditory marketing, it’s become more important than ever to teach our children how to know for themselves what’s true and what’s not. KidCentered founder Amy Scott Grant recently released a brand new book (paperback and Kindle) called “Pendulum Mojo: How to Use Truth Testing for Clarity, Confidence, and Peace of Mind.”
Depending on the age of your children, this book may be a little advanced for them, but the concepts and techniques inside are useful for any age. Children as young as four can begin to learn to use a pendulum to discern truth and separate the real deal from the smoke and mirrors.

Why teach a child Truth Testing? For starters, it puts them in touch with their own inner guidance. This is a life skill that will serve them throughout his/her life, as well as teaching them to know — and listen to that inner knowing — when someone is being less than truthful.

“Hello child, will you help me find my puppy? Would you like some candy? I have some here in my van…”

No way!

When you teach your child to discern the truth, they are better equipped to make sound choices when you’re not right by their side. This¬†builds their confidence and self-empowerment, two qualities that tend to keep bullies and predators at bay.

Additionally, Truth Testing equips your young one with¬†skills for managing peer pressure and difficult adolescent situations. It’s a skill to serve them for a lifetime of choices!

Click here to explore what Pendulum Mojo can do for your kids, and your family.