Featured Member: Sally

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Featured Member: Sally

Sally is 11 years old, and she is an entrepreneur. She admits to having trouble spelling “entrepreneur” but she definitely knows what the word means. Toward the end of 2014, Sally started her own business making pendulums.

She found she had a knack for intuitively tapping into what the recipient needed most, and choosing those colors and gemstones accordingly.

“I love making pendulums!” says Sally.

And it seems her buyers love receiving them, too. Here’s what one person said about the pendulum she purchased from Sally’s website, CustomPendulums.com :

“OMG, so so cute! Love love love it! A reminder too to be in love and in my heart. LOVE the pendy!! And I must add when you sent the pic of the pendy I immediately thought of the tin man who wanted a heart. The tin has little marks in it and heart of gold. This will clearly be my pendy of choice to keep me grounded and in my heart space!!!”

Sally attended a small networking event with her daddy during spring break recently. Her dad thought it would be good practice for her, to overcome any shyness she might have about telling others about her new business. Even though there were only six people in attendance, Sally sold two pendulums!

Recently, her pendulums were featured at a healing retreat, and by the end of the weekend, Sally had racked up $165 in pendulum sales. When her mother delivered the news, she responded, “Yeah!! Business is booming!”

What about your child? Does he or she show signs of a budding entrepreneur? These heart-centered children are bursting with creativity and ideas about how we can make our world a better place. You can support your young entrepreneur by:

– discussing ideas

– brainstorming solutions

– beginning to talk about key business concepts like an even exchange of energy, expenses and profit, marketing, networking, packaging, guarantees, websites, ecommerce, savings, charitable contributions, pro bono work, sourcing raw materials, carbon footprints, etc.

– watching “Shark Tank” together

– celebrating! The completion of the prototype or first product, the launch of a blog, the first sale, the first happy customer, and more.

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