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How many things are you doing or thinking about right now, while you’re reading this post? Come on, be honest! If you’re like most of us parents, you’ve got a zillion things on your mind at any given time. And right now, while you’re reading this, you might also be waiting on hold on your phone, standing in line at the post office, waiting in car line at school, listening to some sort of training or personal development audio, or thinking about what  on earth you’re going to make for dinner.

focus-22When it comes to focus, we parents don’t exactly make the best role models. Especially the moms — masters of multi-tasking!

And yet, we realize how important it is for our children to be able to concentrate and to focus, whether it’s during school, or music practice, or gymnastics class, or sports, or later, when they’re driving (I know — none of us wants to think about that day, but it’s coming, nonetheless!)

Focus is a necessary skill, and no matter how scattered we may feel from time to time, all of us have developed the ability to focus when we really, really need to. But how can we convey this important life skill to our children?

(And by now, you’ve probably discovered that barking “Focus!” at your kid doesn’t really help 🙂 )

With the new “Focus” MindTime from, we’ve turned focus into a game. Not the high-tech, highly addictive (and often violent) video-game style game, but a mind game that promotes concentration and focus in a fun, interactive, and highly entertaining way. We’ve also built in some feel-good aspects, which invite your child to listen again and again, to further improve her/his ability to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time.

It’s not only the kids with ADD and ADHD who have trouble concentrating, and with current advances in technology, there are more distractions than ever. Many adults still suffer from difficulty in maintaining focus. The whole family can benefit from this MindTime audio, designed to improve the ability to concentrate, and to focus on one subject at a time – whichever one requires attention right now.

If you’re already a Lifetime Member, just log in and you’ll find “Focus” waiting for you, along with all the other new MindTimes (and more are currently in production, even as I write this). Not a Lifetime Member yet? Click here to check out this “best buy.”

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