Gone Campin’

Posted on June 25, 2013 in Recent News | 0 comments

Gone Campin’

Does your family enjoy camping? We’re heading out this week for a few days of fun in the sun (in the mountains!) and our little guy (age 2) just loves camping. In fact, when we went a few weeks ago, we got home and he asked, “We go back and finish campin’ now?” Of course, it helps to have the two older girls to collect kindling and sticks, to help watch the little man, and to clean up after meals.

Sometimes our kids have a hard time sleeping when we’re away from home (not the 9 year old…she can sleep anywhere!) That’s why we’re bringing some MindTime(TM) audios with us — specifically, “Sleep Here” and “Calm.” Even though the two year old won’t wear headphones for more than 3 seconds, we can play it in the tent while everyone is settling down into their sleeping bags.

After all, we need something to calm them down after all the sugar in those s’mores!

What kind of trips are you planning this summer? Wherever you take your family, remember that your KidCentered Lifetime Membership goes with you. And look for more MindTime(TM) meditation audios coming within the next several weeks.

Enjoy your summer!