Haiku Fun for Kids

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Haiku Fun for Kids

A few times each year, I hold a retreat for some of my top tier clients. These retreats vary in terms of what activities we actually do (but the goal is always the same: clearing blocks and creating powerful transformations). My kids love to be involved in the retreats to some degree, but often I find the same activities that I create for the adults provide hours of entertainment for my kids as well.

For example, last November, I wanted to get this group out of their heads and down deeper into their bodies. We needed to open and activate the sacral chakra, so I planned a creativity exercise: writing haikus.

Not only did it work wonders (that group wrote some amazing haikus, especially considering it was their first time ever) and it was so much fun, I taught the same simple process to my kids. Turns out, my kids love haikus, too! And I’ll bet yours will, as well.

A haiku (“hi-koo”) is a simple 3-line poem. The style hails from Japan, but you can write a haiku about most anything. There is a simple pattern to it:

It may have a title (very short – from one to three words, usually).

The first line has exactly 5 syllables.

The second line has exactly 7 syllables.

The last line has exactly 5 syllables.

If your kids can talk and form sentences (and tell you allllllllll kinds of stories) then they can definitely write a haiku.

What’s cool is that it makes them think…because you only have a couple of sentences to form a totally coherent thought.

Here’s the first one I wrote:

I wrote a haiku.
It’s not anything fancy,
But it is all mine.

And a funny one from me:

My kids are the best.
While sleeping, they are quiet.
Awake, not so much.

And here are a couple from my kids (at the time, ages 10 and 7):

I love nail polish.
OMG I broke a nail.
I need nail clippers.

I want a Furby.
But Santa might not bring it.
Hurry up, Christmas!

Will you try it? If so, prepare yourself for giggles! And share some of your creations with us here on Facebook!