Handwriting Help

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Handwriting Help

How’s your kid’s handwriting? If you’d like to see improvement, you’ll love the new “Handwriting” MindTime audio from KidCentered.com

cursive2-774480Some kids just seem to have a knack for neat and orderly handwriting, while others tend to produce “scribble scratch,” as my grade school teacher used to call it. What’s the difference? Does it come down to ability? Motor skills? Patience? Attention to detail? Laziness? Dysgraphia? Learning disability?

Whatever the reason, we know that some kids enjoy writing while others find it to be a chore.

In this unique new audio, we turn handwriting into a game, in order to improve speed and neatness at the same time. Your child will have fun learning to mentally practice faster, neater writing, and the more she/he listens, the greater the improvement you’ll see.

How is this possible?

Neurologists who have studied the brain now know that the brain does not know the difference between what it sees and what it vividly imagines. You might recall a famous “basketball study” back in 1996, proving the power of mental visualization.

Dr. Blaslotto at the University of Chicago conducted a 30-day experiment in which he divided study participants into three groups. The first group practiced freethrows for an hour each day. The second group did not practice at all, but imagined themselves making freethrows for an hour a day — and this is the important part — this group imagined that every freethrow was successful. The third group did nothing.

After 30 days, he retested to see how many freethrows were successful. The first group (physical practice) improved by 24%. The second group (mental practice only) improved by 23% (statistically, a tie). The third group (did nothing) showed no change.



Further research has shown that the most significant improvement comes from a combination of physical and mental practice.

The “Handwriting” MindTime helps your child to vividly imagine writing quickly and neatly, and feeling very satisfied with their imaginary results. It also creates an atmosphere of fun around handwriting, making your child more inclined to want to practice, and to want to see tangible improvements.

Why not try it today? Naturally, it’s included with your Lifetime Membership (just log in to download this audio). Or you can purchase “Handwriting” today by clicking here.