Healthy Family Revolution Summit Features

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Healthy Family Revolution Summit Features

Hey parents! Here at, we’re always on the lookout for helpful resources for mindful parents, and recently we came across a real doozy. It’s called the Healthy Family Revolution (Cultivating Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health in Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Leaders!), and it’s a FREE telesummit featuring 21 experts on topics such as:

  • ADHD & other behavioral disorders
  • Vaccines & the Immune System
  • Alcohol & Drug Use – just a phase or a problem?
  • Building Closeness Through Adversity
  • Developing a Heart of Courage
  • Raising Super Healthy Children
  • Natural Healing for Childhood Diseases
  • Parenting By Human Design
  • Parenting the Inner Child
  • Encouraging Spiritual Awareness
  • And much more…

KidCentered founder Amy Scott Grant will be featured on the summit May 9, 2015, but you can register and get free access to ALL the speakers here.

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