How to Improve Retention

Posted on May 22, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

sticky-bunsNo matter how quickly or slowly your child can read, what really matters is how much he/she can retain from what they read or learn. The newest addition to our MindTime collection is called “Retention” and it’s designed to help your child retain more of what she/he reads and learns.
With a fun “sticky” visualization exercise, this is one audio your kids will ask for over and over again. The mental pictures are imaginative and zany, and yet, highly effective at improving retention and recall.

In fact, we expect this is another MindTime that parents and people of all ages will come to love and appreciate.

Best of all, this audio doesn’t just work with reading retention — it’s designed to help the listener retain all kinds of useful information, from birthdays and preferences to facts and figures, to reading retention, new skills, new information, and much more.

Retention is a MindTime that will prove invaluable to school-age children and adults, allowing them to hold onto more of the information they receive, and to be able to retrieve that information when it’s needed.

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