Juicy Morning?

Posted on July 1, 2013 in Recent News | 0 comments

Juicy Morning?

In an effort to eat better, our family just purchased a fancy schmancy juicer. And after my hubby stopped “I-told-you-so”-ing (he had a juicer when I first met him, and I garage saled it somewhere along the way, because we never used it) he got busy making some fabulous juices.

Our kids gobbled down this one, and we had a request on the KidCentered Facebook wall for the recipe, so here goes:

Sunrise Juice (we got this from Joe Cross’ staff)

4-5 Large Carrots
2 Oranges
1-2 Beets (beetroot) and we also juiced one of the beet greens
(makes 16 oz)

Warning: don’t be alarmed if their poop turns red from the beet juice…AND heads up– beet juice will stain hands and clothing.  But if my kids love veggies then it’s totally worth it in my book!