Founder Amy Scott Grant to Appear on The Inspiration Show

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Founder Amy Scott Grant to Appear on The Inspiration Show
Amy Scott Grant, founder of MindTime™ meditations for children (distributed through, set to star on Natalie Ledwell’s newest edition of the weekly web series, “The Inspiration Show.”

Castle Rock, CO. March 17, 2013 — KidCentered is proud to announce that founder, Amy Scott Grant will appear on Natalie Ledwell’s hugely popular web show, “The Inspiration Show,” Monday March 18, 2013. Grant, the founder of will discuss the ways meditation can assist parents and children with behavioral problems such as:
• Trouble sleeping
• Picking up and cleaning up
• Overactive behavior
• Acting out
• Problems in school
• Social challenges
• Sibling rivalry
• Discipline and defiance
• And much more…

“The kids are where it’s at right now. This is our next generation of leaders.” says Grant.
Law of Attraction guru and Mind Movies co-founder Natalie Ledwell stated, “I have been noticing that not only are younger children naturally intuitive…but even young adults as well, that [say] ‘I’m not making a big enough contribution to humanity, how can I do more?’ …I want to get these tools into the hands of more young people.”

But does a five-year-old really need to meditate? Are middle school children highly stressed and in need of enlightenment? According to the Dalai Lama, the answer is a clear and certain yes. The well-known leader was recently quoted as saying, “If every eight-year-old is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Parents concerned over recent school shootings and other acts of violence by children and teens are willing to try meditation. “When I heard about the MindTime concept, I got so excited,” says Alissa Smith, a New York mother of six. “I really appreciate the fact that there’s something to benefit each member of the family. My husband and I have been looking for something like this for some time, and we are definitely getting a lifetime membership.”
MindTime™ meditation audios from are reasonably priced at under ten dollars each, but Grant says she expects many parents to choose the value-priced Lifetime Membership option, which grants access to all audios (including new ones, as released) for a one-time payment of $197 (introductory price). expects to have more than 100 audio topics available by the end of this year. To learn more, visit

The KidCentered mission is “to center the world…one kid at a time™” by producing high-quality, highly effective MindTime™ meditation audios for children of all ages. KidCentered was created by Amy Scott Grant — a bestselling author, intuitive spiritual healer, and mother of three. MindTime™ audios from KidCentered are more than just guided visualizations. We don’t believe any kid needs “fixing.” We simply provide solutions for families who are struggling with specific issues, and we bring resources to families who are committed to self-growth and personal development. To learn more, and to receive our free MindTime™ meditation called “Calm,” visit today.
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Over 1 million people worldwide have already received The Inspiration Show host Natalie Ledwell’s free pre-made Mind Movies, which are dynamic moving video vision boards that help viewers visualize and achieve their desires and goals faster and easier than they ever thought possible.