Kids Love Singing Bowls

Posted on June 2, 2015 in Parenting Ideas | 0 comments

Kids Love Singing Bowls

Have you ever heard of a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

These bowls are made from brass, hand hammered by Tibetan monks (well, the good quality ones are), and when played properly, they emit an extraordinary sound akin to “singing.” The bowls have been used for centuries as healing and/or meditation tools and as mesmerizing as they are for adults, kids just adore them too.

We have two in my home (plus a massive crystal singing bowl) and the kids can’t get enough of them. The bowls bring an almost instant calming effect (and best of all, they’re nearly indestructible, making them ideal for children to play).

When we taught our kids to play, we explained what a special bowl this is, and guided them to strike it gently with the wooden striker.

Here’s a quick video I recorded to show you how it’s done.

Bowls are available for sale online and at many metaphysical stores (really tiny ones might be as little as $10-15, and larger ones could range as much as $75-100). I personally prefer the ones without any etching (as they feel more “authentic” to me) but ornamental etching generally does not affect the sound quality. Each bowl comes with a striker. It requires no special cleaning or storage. Some bowls are attuned to a specific chakra, and when you play more than one bowl in the same vicinity, they tend to harmonize, further changing their tone. Amazing! Play with one and you’ll soon be hooked.