Mediation Quickie

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Mediation Quickie
This week’s article comes from marketing partner (and social media expert and RN and mother of two) Audrey “Christie” McLaughlin. Enjoy!
Meditation Quickie
by Audrey “Christie” McLaughlin
I have heard every excuse in the book about why people don’t meditate. I have probably said most of them too. Here is the thing that I have found, taking time out of my day has had profound effects on my health (mental and physical–my resting heart rate is 67), my creativity, my intuition, my stress level, my ability to parent well and manage a business, my ability to handle EVERYTHING.
For those of you completely new to meditation. Meditation is quieting and calming the mind. There are many different forms, moving meditation, still meditations, mantra meditations. There are as many meditations as there are ways to cook shrimp! (You know a la the Forest Gump movie.) The key is to find a meditation that works for you, helps you quiet the monkey mind, and reach deep peace.
Guess what? That isn’t going to happen at first, or maybe even the first ten times you try. Stick with it, like anything it takes practice…and once you get it….BLISS!
Today as promised, we are going to touch one quick way to meditate when you are crunched for time or technology, so crunched you only have 60 seconds.
Today’s Minute Meditation is the “Peace Begins With Me Meditation.” I first discovered a version of this in a Kundalini yoga class then I found this on GabbyTV.
Basically, you sit in a comfortable position, relax your arms and touch each finger to your thumb and repeat Peace Begins With Me for each tap.
For example:
1. touch thumb to index finger while mentally saying “peace”
2. touch thumb to middle finger while mentally saying “begins
3. touch thumb to ring finger while mentally saying “with”
4. touch thumb to pinkie finger while mentally saying “me”
Repeat for 60 seconds, or longer.
I find this one especially helpful when I get irritated or I am in a confrontational situation. I also use it before my radio show and any big meetings I may be involved in. Guess what else… it is also amazing for kids! My daughter uses it during her moment of silence every morning at school.
The cool thing about the physical technique is that you can use any “mantra” or phrase. Some of my other favorites include:
“I trust myself.” (tap “my” on one finger and “self” on the next)
“Linger, Laugh, Learn, Love”
“Love begins with me”
“Joy begins with me”
“Let Christie be Christie” (switch my name with your name)
Next is a simple breath meditation, you can do it for a minute or longer and just repeat mentally “Breath in” on your in breath, and “breath out” on the out breath.
You mind may wander, but just bring it back gently to your mantra.
Pretty simple, huh? No matter how much (or little) time you have. You can always find a minute to meditate!