New MindTime Meditation: My Bubble, My Feelings

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New MindTime Meditation: My Bubble, My Feelings

Great news! The MindTime creator is back on track and we have several new titles in production, even as I write this. There’s even a brand new meditation for you to check out. And you can expect to see more articles here on the Splog, too!

The newest MindTime is called “My Bubble, My Feelings,” and it’s an awesome visualization. Take a look:

“When we feel happy, we feel big, like we have power. But when we feel unhappy, we tend to shrink down and hide from the world. What do you think would happen if we took the big, strong, powerful energy inside of us and brought it out at a time when we felt angry, scared, frustrated, or upset? This audio is a fun game designed to help a child regain emotional self-control and help him/herself feel better when scared or upset.”

Yeah !! Try it out and let us know what you think about it!