Try a Full-Length, Full-Strength MindTime™ Meditation Audio

If you think your kid needs “fixing”…

…we would have to respectfully disagree.

However, as parents, we all hate to see our children struggle with overwhelming challenges, and we love being able to help them to learn, and to grow. That’s why we created MindTime™ Meditations for Kids. Meditation has been proven to:

  • Calm and relax even the most tightly wound individuals
  • Improve physical health and well-being
  • Enhance cognitive function and concentration
  • Reduce stress and emotional outbursts
  • …and much more.




Listen to this Primer before enjoying your first MindTime™ audio. It will help your child reach a meditative state more quickly.
(NOTE: the Primer appears on every page. Your child only needs to listen to it once — before enjoying the first MindTime™ meditation.)

Right-click here to download MP3 and “Save As” primer.mp3


We’re so convinced that you and your child will love our MindTime™ audios, we’d like to give you this one as a gift. We know you’ll be back to experience more of what we have to offer, including specific topics designed to help your child with: sleep, neatness, peaceful travel, manners, homework, and more. 


Right-click here to download MP3 and “Save As” calm.mp3