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MindTime™ meditation audios are approximately ten minutes long, and can be purchased individually for immediate MP3 download for $9.97 each. A Lifetime Membership is by far the best value — pay just one low price and have unlimited access to all MindTime™ audios — past, present and future. Click here for more details about Lifetime Membership.

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The following titles are now available for purchase (click any title on the left to view its description, or watch as we scroll through each one):

Does your child have trouble falling asleep, or does he or she sleep too much or too little? Does your child have nightmares? Does he/she get adequate rest each night, and awaken feeling energized and ready for the day? This audio helps to create relaxing, restful sleep, in the amount that is most optimal for the individual child.


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There is a natural order to life, and to our movement through it. When we resist this order, our spaces become cluttered and crowded, causing us to feel anxious, stressed, and irritable. This audio is designed to help your child understand the benefits of picking up and putting away his/her things, and the pleasing nature of organization and neatness, when everything is “in order.”

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Some children enjoy travel, while others struggle with changes in their daily routine. Whether you are planning to take your child on a trip for business or pleasure, it’s always easier to travel with a child who is relaxed, as opposed to a child who is anxious or giddy with excitement about seeing grandparents (or Mickey!) This audio is designed to soothe and relax your little traveler, and to help them take planned schedule changes in stride.

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Manners can be attained in one of two ways: either from repetitive drilling, or from simply understanding what it means to have respect for other human beings. Please and thank you are in fact natural responses to kindness and generosity. This audio is designed to reinforce whatever method you’re using to help your child use good basic manners, in a relaxed and natural way.

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Nobody likes homework, it’s true! But homework is a necessary part of the school experience, because it reinforces the lessons and skills learned during class. If homework is a frequent weeknight battle in your home, you’ll love this audio, designed to help your little student focus intently for a short period of time, allowing him/her to get through the necessary homework thoroughly and more quickly.

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Handwriting is a struggle for many children (and some adults!), and it takes time to form each letter and word neatly and legibly. This audio is designed to help your child improve the neatness of their handwriting, as well as gradually pick up speed. This is beneficial for children and adults who write in print, cursive, or both.


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Let the child listen to this audio wherever you’d like them to sleep. This MindTime can be used in two different ways: to help little ones sleep in their own bed, and alternatively, to help him or her to adapt when they need to sleep elsewhere (at Grandma’s, in a hotel, at a friend’s sleepover, etc.)

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This MindTime audio is designed to help your child experience deep relaxation. While suitable for use any time, this would be especially useful during (or prior to) periods of stress of change. For example, while a parent is traveling away from the family, before and just after moving into a new home, changing schools, etc.

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No matter how quickly or slowly your child can read, what really matters is how much he/she can retain from the reading. This audio is designed to enhance overall reading retention, reading comprehension, recall and retention of new skills, words and activities.

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It’s not only the kids with ADD and ADHD who have trouble concentrating, and with current advances in technology, there are more distractions than ever. Many adults still suffer from difficulty in maintaining focus. The whole family can benefit from this MindTime audio, designed to improve the ability to concentrate, and to focus on one subject at a time – whichever one requires attention right now.

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When we feel happy, we feel big, like we have power. But when we feel unhappy, we tend to shrink down and hide from the world. What do you think would happen if we took the big, strong, powerful energy inside of us and brought it out at a time when we felt angry, scared, frustrated, or upset? This audio is a fun game designed to help a child regain emotional self-control and help him/herself feel better when scared or upset.

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The following titles are currently in production and will be available very soon:


Studies have shown that predators tend to choose victims who avoid eye contact, who appear weak or lonely, as well as those who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. This audio doesn’t instill a fear of strangers, but rather, gives positive messages to help children become more aware of their surroundings, to be more alert in public areas, and to muster the courage to report anything suspicious 
“Be nice!” Rarely does the exclamation of such a demand elicit the response a parent desires. Rather, we can encourage children to embrace kindness and generosity in their words and actions, to facilitate more peaceful interactions with others. This audio, based on the Golden Rule, is highly recommended for siblings, as well as children who have trouble exhibiting empathy for others.  
Bullying is rapidly becoming an epidemic in schools and on playgrounds everywhere. Thankfully, more and more parents are speaking out, and many schools are putting anti-bullying policies into practice. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your child will never have to face a bully. This audio gives your child confidence and courage to act appropriately in order to nip a bully in the bud — and to tell an adult whenever they feel unsafe.
Science has shown that the brain is able to assimilate information far faster than most of us can read, speak, listen or write. But the key is how we organize that information in our brain. This audio is designed to help organize new information, to allow for more efficient brain functioning and greater capacity for rapid learning.
According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), approximately 10 million children have difficulties learning to read. NICHD studies have shown that in many cases, this is related to deficiencies in the way that the brain processes letter sounds. This audio is designed to encourage smoother, more efficient, more fluent reading.

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The following titles are slated for production next:splork_at_computer

  • Practice
  • Kindness
  • Self Healing
  • Intuition
  • Sharing
  • Gossip Be Gone!
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Self-Respect
  • Good Sport
  • Pet Care / Stewardship
  • Emotional Management
  • Use Your Words
  • Bullying
  • Test Prep
  • Memory Recall
  • Healthy Planet
  • Food Is Fuel

And even more to come after that…but the next 40 topics are still top-secret!