Teaching Kids How to Ground

Posted on July 15, 2015 in Parenting Ideas | 0 comments

Teaching Kids How to Ground

The KidCentered motto is “Centering the world, one kid at a time” and we mean it. One way to get centered is to use an energy technique called “grounding.”

Grounding simply means tapping into the grounded energy of the earth for stability and to get centered. Like adults, some kidsĀ are naturally grounded, while others may seem like they have their head in the clouds. When we describe someone as “down to earth” or “has both feet planted firmly on the ground” that is another way of saying the person is grounded.

Of course, the word “grounded” may have a negative meaning for kids who “get grounded” when they behave badly or break the rules. You can help your child to understand the difference so he/she can appreciate the value of the “good kind” of being grounded.

Anyone can learn to ground themselves. KidCentered founder Amy Scott Grant recently created this video, which explains two simple ways to ground.

As with all of Amy’s videos – there is a possibility that mild to moderate language exists. If you’re concerned about what your children may hear, please use common sense and watch the video first before you share with younger ears.