Trouble sleeping away from home?

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Trouble sleeping away from home?

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite as exquisite as the feeling of sinking into your own bed after a long day of work or play. Even after a fabulous vacation, it’s so nice to come back home to your own bed, isn’t it?

But what about those times when you need to sleep somewhere other than your own bed?

Does your child struggle with falling asleep in a strange place?

Thank goodness there’s now “Restful Sleep” — the newest MindTime™ audio from



Sometimes there’s just no way to avoid it…

– sleepovers
– visits with friends, relatives, grandparents
– bunking up with a sibling when company is in town visiting
– traveling
– camping
– renovations at home
– housesitting

There are countless reasons why your little one may have to sleep somewhere other than in his or her own bed. And when that happens, the adjustment is not always easy.

I have 3 kids and two are solid sleepers, but one has always had a tough time falling asleep. She took the longest of the three to learn to sleep through the night as a baby, and even throughout preschool and kindergarten, there were many nights when my husband and I were awakened to the whimpers of a little lost girl who — try as she might — just couldn’t seem to fall asleep, even in her own bed.

We tried so many things — from nightlights and salt lamps and crystals and dream catchers to consistent bedtime rituals and classical music and endless bedtime stories. We tried milk and baths and reassurance and, well, just about everything you can think of!

Then I launched and she was the first to try out the “Calm” meditation. Soon after, “Restful Sleep” followed, which has helped her tremendously. After just a couple of weeks of occasional listening, what used to be a frequent occurrence has dwindled down to a once-a-month or less often interruption in sleep pattern.

And now, thanks to “Sleep Here,” my little troubled sleeper will be able to easily fall asleep wherever we are — which is good news, since we have a few camping trips scheduled this summer, not to mention some family visits, which will have her bunking up in her sissy’s room for a couple of weeks this summer.

“Sleep here” is a soothing, relaxing guided audio designed to help your child to collect the warm and cozy feelings of sleeping in their own bed, and transfer these feelings to any sleeping space, whether it’s in a sleeping bag at a strange house for a friend’s sleepover, or in grandma’s spare room, or in a tent, or in a hotel room for a family vacation.

We recommend bringing “Sleep Here” with you when you travel – the best result will be to let your child listen to it in his or her own bed, before you leave home, and then again, in the space where he/she will sleep while away.

When you try it out, let us know how you like it ! and remember, you can always request specific topics for new MindTimes. If we have enough interest, we can create your special request.

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